Color Correction

Versatile Output

What have clients accomplished with the PHOTO-STATION system?

  • Sport Packages
    Create templates for individuals, teams or leagues
  • Church Directories
    Keep track and update yearly members of churches and office holders
  • Business Cards for Employees
    Create cards for the individual people in your office personalized with their own picture
  • Amusement Park Rides
    Take instant pictures of people on rides and make multiple pictures within minues
  • Event Photographs
    School functions, sports, family and high school reunions
Print photographs on tabloid
(11 x 17) paper for indexing and categorizing!
  Print any combonation of sizes on paper for preset sport or school packages!

Print large, panoramic prints using the optional wide-format inkjet printer!

Print posters with the optional printer up to five feet wide and 100 feet long!

Print small wallet-size photographs for individuals or group trading cards!